Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meeting Minutes February 15, 2011 – 8:00PM

**(Information on dues, club benefits, club sponsors, race schedule, etc. available on the previous blog post and on the right hand side of the website)**

Introductions – 23 in attendance

Club Merchandise

Extra race hats are available for purchase. Race visors, Winter hats, Fall/Spring hats - $10-$15. Colors available: white or black. Contact Jake ( regarding availability.

Unauthorized Race Cancellation Policy

Check made out to the UWM Triathlon Club as an insurance policy against dropping out of races within a given timeframe. This is a check that will NOT BE DEPOSITED as long as you race. This is to ensure that you are 110% committed to race and will not back out for any reason. *except for SERIOUS reasons previously mentioned.

Use the listserv to post workout schedules to contact the entire team. Simply send an email to the following email address, and instantly reach the entire club! Do not be afraid to send emails – simply include time of workout, meeting place, expected duration and intensity of workout, etc

Email to get listserv address (So we don't get spammed by robots)

Endurance Nation Training Camp

Four day camp in Madison, WI from Endurance Nation to prep for Ironman Racing. Even if you are not into iron-distance racing, this is still a great opportunity to increase mileage and endurance! Cost is only $25!!! However you need to provide your own lodging, food, etc. Most camps of this nature cost SIGNIFICANTLY more than this one put on by EN, so take advantage of this! See link for more info:

Triathlon Training Plans

Pfitzinger: Advanced Marathoning (Also available on amazon)

Meeting adjourned @ 9:00PM with Nationals Team Meeting following


  1. Hey UWM,

    We heard a rumor that you guys might be coming out for the next Pinnacle Indoor Triathlon in Fitchburg on March 4. Is that true? If so, we'll try to get a good group out there to meet you!

    -Summer, Vice President, UW (Madison) Triathlon Team

  2. Summer,

    We were considering it, but as of right now it does not look like a go. We are thinking of maybe going out the night after Nationals with Marquette in Tuscaloosa, you guys are free to join if you would like.

    - Jake and The UWM Triathlon Team