Monday, October 31, 2011

UWM Tri Team Races Lakefront Discovery Run!

This past Saturday 10 members of the UWM Triathlon Team raced in one of Milwaukee's best road races!  The Lakefront Discovery 15k.  Here are the times and placings of the team.  One of our teammates Matt Behnke wrote a race report (

Lakefront Discovery Run 15k Milwaukee, WI 10.29.11

Matt Behnke 12/932 3rd of 44 M25-29 Overall 56:55 (6:07 Pace)

Jake Jendusa 1st of 13 M20/24 23/932 Overall 1:00:29 (6:30 Pace)

Robin Bauer 4th of 498 Women! 1st of 85 W25-29! 32/932 Overall 1:02:20 (6:42 Pace) 

Ted Petermann 35/932 Overall 8/46 M25-29 Overall 1:02:57 (6:46 Pace)

Zach Watson 2nd of 13 M20-24! 44/932 Overall 1:04:08 (6:53 Pace)

Ryan Schmeling 217/932 Overall 21/46 M25-29 Overall 1:16:13 (8:11 Pace)

Pete Armstrong 224/932 Overall 28/71 M30-34 Overall 1:16:33 (8:13 Pace)

Abby Graceffa 352/932 Overall 8/32 W20-24 Overall 1:21:30 (8:45 Pace)

Chrystal Amini-Hajibashi 628/932 Overall 17/32 Overall W20-24 1:31:29 (9:49 pace)

Danielle Johannes (did not use a chip)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

November 6th Team Swim/Run Clinic

We are planning a swim/run clinic for Sunday November 6th.

The run portion will be on the Shorewood High School Track. We will be administering track workouts, running form tips, etc.  (all abilities welcome)!

The swim portion will be at the Klotsche Pool.  We will be administering swim workouts, form technique, etc.  (again all abilities welcome)

You are welcome to participate in both or one or the other.  Please bring all equipment needed to swim and run.  We will be meeting at Klotsche Center by parking lot doors, running to the track, then running back to Klotsche.  You are welcome to drive to and from the track if you would like.

The schedule will be as follows:

11:00 Meet at Klotsche Center Track
11-11:15 Run to Track
11:15 Start track workout
12:00 Run back to Klotsche
12:20 In pool (warmup)
12:30-1:30 Swim Clinic

Please RSVP ( so we know what kind of numbers and abilities we will be working with. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to let me know.